Bed & Breakfasts Inn Mt Washington Valley Environmental Mission Statement

The member Bed & Breakfasts Inns of Mt Washington Valley are committed to continually evaluating our operations and employing more environmentally friendly methods while providing the best service to our guests.

We believe that each initiative we pursue with the help of our guests, no matter how small, helps to preserve the natural beauty of New Hampshire for future generations.

Each inn has implemented different environmental initiatives, but most have:Going Green

  • · Installed energy efficient lighting and appliances
  • · Installed water saving devices in guestrooms and employ water sensitive landscaping techniques
  • · Reduced waste through recycling, reusable dinnerware and reduced packaging in purchasing
  • · Serve locally grown foods when available
  • · Environmental impact considered in group purchasing

Did you know that our annual efforts help…

  • · Save over 21,000 gallons of water
  • · Decreased the use of 450 pounds of cleaning chemicals
  • · Eliminate enough greenhouse gases to take one car off the road for a year

Show your support for our efforts by staying at one of our Bed & Breakfast Inns. You’ll find staying green doesn’t mean giving up comfort and ambience. Instead you’ll feel good knowing your stay helps preserve the environment and the local economy! mbience. Instead you’ll feel good knowing your stay is helping to  preserve the environment and the local economy! You will find gracious hosts at  the BBInnsMWV ready to make your trip a memorable one!